Laser Teeth Whitening

Learn the Pros and Cons of Professional Laser Teeth Whitening Versus At-Home Laser Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. So, if you are struggling with keeping your pearly whites looking shiny and clean, then a laser teeth whitening treatment might be something you want to look into. If you are seriously considering getting a laser teeth whitening treatment, you should explore all the options available to determine which one is best for you.

There are a lot of factors to think about when it comes to laser teeth whitening, such as cost, effectiveness, and potential side effects that can result from the treatment. The two primary methods of laser teeth whitening are a professional, in-office treatment or a do-it-yourself at home treatment. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately you have to decide which laser teeth whitening application fits your wants and needs.  Before exploring the pros and cons of professional laser teeth whitening versus do-it-yourself kits, you should first understand what laser teeth whitening is.

The process of laser teeth whitening at the dentist involves using a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide application on your teeth that is activated by a special LED light. The hydrogen peroxide works by deeply penetrates your teeth to remove stains so you can enjoy a beautiful smile once again. Dental professionals use the LED light in order to make the laser teeth whitening procedure shorter so that you aren’t spending all day at the dentist’s office. Most at-home laser teeth whitening products do not involve the use of the LED light, so the desired results take a little longer to achieve. There are, however, some at personal teeth whitening kits that include an LED light element, but these do cost significantly more than standard at home laser teeth whitening kits.

Many people interested in getting laser whitening treatment do not want to take the risk that they will botch it and end up with some sort of blemish on their teeth. Professional laser teeth whitening performed by a dentist is definitely considered to be safer, but it will cost you more. When you choose which laser teeth whitening method you want to use, you have to strongly consider if you are willing to sacrifice quality in order to save some money. If you don’t want to take a chance that you might mess up doing the treatment yourself, you should save up until you can afford a professional laser teeth whitening treatment. You will feel a lot better about your decision to wait since you will ultimately feel more comfortable having this cosmetic dental procedure performed by a professional.

The main advantages of a professional laser teeth whitening treatment:


-          Peace of mind knowing that your procedure is being performed by a dental professional

-          The results will probably be better and longer lasting than an at-home treatment

-          The more advanced technologies used in a doctor’s office means the entire process takes less time than at-home laser teeth whitening treatments.

The main disadvantage of professional laser teeth whitening treatments:

-          The higher cost is the most common complaint among people who get their teeth whitened at their dentist’s office.

If you are in the position to get a professional laser teeth whitening treatment, it is probably going to be your best bet. If you don’t think this will fit into your budget at the moment, don’t worry, there are plenty of pros associated with at-home laser teeth whitening treatments.

The main advantage of at-home laser teeth whitening treatment kits:


-          At-home kits are much more affordable than professional laser teeth whitening procedures

The main disadvantages of at-home laser teeth whitening treatments:

-          The results may be the same as a professional treatment, but it may take many more applications

-          At-home laser teeth whitening treatments take a lot longer than professional treatments

-          You may not see immediate results

As you can see, aside from requiring a little more patience, at-home laser teeth whitening treatments can be as effective as professional treatments as long as they are done properly and with consistency. In fact, many dental professionals often recommend follow up laser teeth whitening methods to use at home after the initial in-office treatment. These follow-up systems tend to include a tray for you to wear overnight to reinforce you freshly applied laser teeth whitening treatment.

This combination approach – an initial in-office treatment followed by an intensive at-home treatment –has proven to be the most effective in long lasting laser teeth whitening results. This is another choice to consider when you are weighing your options for laser teeth whitening.

If you are someone who dreads the idea of showing your teeth in pictures or even when you laugh, laser teeth whitening is a viable option for you. Being ashamed of your smile can cause you to be less confident and ultimately not as happy as if you had a smile you are proud of. A healthy smile can make a big difference in your appearance, so why not take advantage of laser teeth whitening and get your smile back. If you have stained teeth from coffee, tea, wine, or even smoking, you can once again enjoy a healthy and shiny smile with laser teeth whitening treatment.

There is not a best approach, necessarily, to laser teeth whitening. Everybody will prefer a different method, whether it is an expensive in-office treatment or a more affordable at-home treatment. Ultimately, you will have to spend some time doing research and talking to your dentist to see which laser teeth whitening approach is best for you. Just remember not to make an impulse decision when it comes to picking a laser teeth whitening method. The last thing you want to do is rush into something you may not be entirely comfortable with just because you are tired of seeing your stained teeth every time you look in the mirror. It is much better to take your time, do your research, and determine which treatment method is going to give you the results you want. Laser teeth whitening can be a life changing experience, but only if it is done properly.


laser teeth whitening

laser teeth whitening


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